Personalized Service

Unicast Solutions is proud to offer personalized consulting. Every business is different and your solutions should reflect that. Contact us to discuss how we can address your needs today.

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Custom Solutions

With our years of experience, we've learned that out-of-the-box just doesn't cut it. We have built multiple custom solutions from simple custom entry forms to layered integrations.

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A Unique Philosophy

Unicast Solutions was founded to fill the void we found in our own vendor-client relationships: Dedication. We firmly believe in offering a fair quote for a complete job, and are dedicated to our client's needs.

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Since 2017

The Unicast Solution

Unicast Solutions is a multifaceted consulting firm founded by IT professionals: Administrators, Applications Managers, Developers, and Service Technicians. This background provides a foundation firmly rooted in experience.

Those experiences, both the good and the bad, have driven Unicast Solutions to provide detailed and thorough services while minimizing the client impact. All client needs are approached with a singular mantra:

"One problem, one team, one solution."


Let's Get Started

If you have a business need, please contact us at any time for a free consultation session.